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Facebook Marketing for Calgary, Okotoks, High River, Nanton, Aidrie, Cochrane and Surrounding Areas.

Facebook Social Media Marketing can create huge audiences. Imagine having ALL of your customers and ALL of their friends in one room and telling them about your latest product or service! 

Friends and Fans
 : Your friends and fans already know you and "Like" you! Why not let them provide "Live" testimonials to your other fans and their friends? It will build your credibility and your word of mouth advertising! 

A Picture is worth a thousand words!
: Facebook is one of the only platforms that allows you to share pictures and text. Sharing pictures allows your fans to see what you do as well as interact and share your products and services with their friends!

How many people are on Facebook? at the time of the creation of this page there were 800 million people on facebook! 80% of Canadians or online today! This is a very big market of potential customers for YOUR product or service! Don't miss out!

How does sharing work?
 on Facebook, your fans share stories and posts with their friends and their friends share and their friends share and so on.. Here are some interesting statistics:

Fans People Touched per Month Each person shared to # of friends
500 6600 3.3
1000 14000 3.5
1500 22200 3.7
2000 32000 4.0

Do you want to touch 32,000 people per month?

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