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Social Media Marketing for Calgary, Okotoks, High River, Nanton, Aidrie, Cochrane and Surrounding Areas.

Social Media Marketing is the colaboration of online networks to promote products and services. Reach your target audience over and over with the power of sharing on social media networks.

How It Works : Social Media forums can support a variety of media including graphics, text and video. These mediums engage online social network users to share the media with their friends expanding the reach of your advertising!

Why Use It : Simple. Your competitors logos are being displayed all the time through social media and if you are not part of this advertising medium you are missing valuable contacts.

Social Media vs Traditional Advertising shows that 96% of people aged 18 to 35 are on, at least, one social network. PVR's skip commercials and kids today don't know how to use a phone book. Houshold subscription to newspapers have dropped dramatically in the past few years. Where are your advertising dollars being spent?

Target Your Audience using Social Media Marketing. Traditional print, TV and Radio advertising rely on a large audience searching for that "needle in the haystack". Why not target those needles by campaigns directed at your audience?

Social Media Management is Measurable! Unlike traditional media, social media is a measurable form of advertising, how many people were reached, what was the average age and where are they in your area!

How many people? Using Facebooks Insights we measure how many people we are reaching, what messages went farthest and tailor your campaigns to support advanced growth from your network!

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